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Vince Dao
Chairman & Co-founder

featured in Newsweek's Top 12 Conservative

Up-and-Comers, Dao, a self-identified Populist Conservative, delivers regular commentary on matters of political importance.



David Carlson

Carlson became president of the american populist union in april of 2022. he is perhaps the most familiar voice of the american populist union.


Shank Yalamanchi
Vice President and founder

Shashank Yalamanchi is a Pennsylvanian political strategist and the Founder and vice-president of the American populist union. 

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CJ Trapeur
Operating Officer

Trapeur has developed a rich political and organizational background through his working on election campaigns, service to a congressional office, overseeing of social networking, and planning of events.


Dean Monsieur
Marketing Officer

Dean has managed and helped promote a number of content creators, and aside from his background in marketing, regularly discusses history-related content on his own platforms.


gabe guidarini
Coalition manager

Guidarini is a political and electoral strategist, who has made a name of himself through his work and research on ideology and political trends in America.


Charlie Svestka
media outreach

Charles, commonly known by his online alias Mr.Sves, is a filmmaker, political commentator, and ambassador for the American populist union.