Vince Dao
Senior Chairman & Co-founder

featured in Newsweek's Top 12 Conservative

Up-and-Comers, Dao, a self-identified Populist Conservative, delivers regular commentary on matters of political importance.


David Carlson
Chief Content officer & Advisor

Carlson is the host of the DC Perspective , and perhaps the most familiar voice of the APU Youtube Channel. Carlson carries a wide range, regularly covering subjects from economics to culture.



Shank Yalamanchi
President & Founder

Shashank Yalamanchi is a Pennsylvanian political strategist and the chief executive of the American Populist Union. While his role in the conservative movement has long been backstage, he now publicly presents his fresh brand of American populism to conservatism that will revitalize its base, expand its reach, and save its future.


Dean Mosley
Chief Marketing Officer & History Advisor

Mosley has managed and helped promote a number of content creators, and aside from his background in marketing, regularly discusses history-related content on his own platforms.


CJ Trapeur
Chief Operating Officer

Trapeur has developed a rich political and organizational background through his working on election campaigns, service to a congressional office, overseeing of social networking, and planning of events.


Nathaniel Abbott


Having his start as "Cameraman Badan" for the popular conservative talkshow heck off commie, Abbott has made a name of his own through his more animated and lighthearted approach to discussing social and cultural issues.


Red Eagle Politics
Political Analyst

Red Eagle Politics, or "REP", runs one of the largest conservative strategy and electoral analysis channels on YouTube.