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Host of Heck Off



Red eagle politics
host of the youtube channel,
red eagle politics


Nathaniel abbott
host of the youtube channel
Nathniel abbot

john doyle, the voice for the forgotten gamers,

is an American patriot, commentator, and a contributor to blazetv and the American populist union

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carson wolf
producer and short extraordinaire

Trapeur has developed a rich political and organizational background through his working on election campaigns, service to a congressional office, overseeing of social networking, and planning of events.

red eagle politics is a political analyst and commentator specializing in elections and political theory


based byrant
content creator and
media influencer

Dean has managed and helped promote a number of content creators, and aside from his background in marketing, regularly discusses history-related content on his own platforms.

nathaniel abbott focuses on social analysis, commentating on modernity, decline of the west, through a Christian and conservative worldview


james anderson white
Ceo of white boy summer

Guidarini is a political and electoral strategist, who has made a name of himself through his work and research on ideology and political trends in America.


Charlie Svestka
media outreach

Charles, commonly known by his online alias Mr.Sves, is a filmmaker, political commentator, and ambassador for the American populist union.