Since March of 2020, the neoliberal establishment has carried out what perhaps amounts to the greatest attempt to bolster their power at the expense of the West in its entire history. For decades, the warning signs of a development like this have been apparent. The numerous multinational conglomerates making up the world economy have been strengthening their influence over society to an extent more invasive than anything seen before. Within each and every one of our homes, these entities exert massive social influence through the personal access modern technology has given them. Their embrace of leftist ideology in its entirety is easy to notice, and their collusion with the powers of government to further leftist goals has led to every aspect of our lives being impacted by it.

Now, under the guise of “public health,” harsh restrictions on movement, association, bodily autonomy, and the pursuit of happiness itself have been imposed by this public-private partnership. Those who dare to exercise their rights face certain repercussions — jeopardizing their education, employment, and platform to speak freely. Despite those severe consequences, countless demonstrations have taken place across the West, fighting to preserve our freedom and secure the future of our civilization. They have invoked a response from the common people: the same silent majority responsible for the pan-Western populist revolution of the mid-2010s, which continues to grow day after day as our leaders reveal their utter disregard for us all.

A Timeline of Dissent

Opposition to COVID-related restrictions has been steadily growing since they began. When the world initially shut down, uncertainty surrounded the issue, and most people went along with what they thought would be a temporary inconvenience in their lives. We were told that only 15 days1 were needed to slow the spread of the virus and that masks were only necessary for healthcare workers. Now, it’s been over 2 years, and masks are not only suggested, but mandated for millions of people. At work, school, and other public spaces, those who go about their day without heeding the state’s guidelines are ostracized and reprimanded.

Towards the beginning of the pandemic, many said that life would return to normal once a vaccine was developed. With over 60% of the U.S. vaccinated,2 there is still no end in sight. Governments have tightened restrictions across the world, using new variants and misleading statistics to increase their control. In response to these increasingly harsh and drawn out restrictions, demonstrations and other forms of resistance have increased, and regular people have been bravely fighting to reclaim their lives from COVID tyranny.

The initial lockdown in March 2020 drastically affected all of our lives. As schools and businesses closed, public forums became vacant, and life came to a screeching halt, the confusion and mixed messaging from our leaders left many people concerned for their livelihoods. On March 15th, New York City’s 1.1 million-student public school district closed,3 disrupting life for both the students and their parents. In the first year of the pandemic, around 200,000 American businesses were permanently closed4 due to COVID and government policy.

Dissent immediately followed these major changes. Stay-at-home and social distancing measures implemented in states like Ohio, Michigan, North Carolina, and Virginia, among others, prompted demonstrators to fight back. In Michigan, thousands gathered around the state Capitol with their vehicles protesting Governor Gretchen Whitmer’s policies.5 In Virginia, similar protests6 occurred in Richmond against then-Governor Ralph Northam’s stay-at-home orders which left businesses closed and people isolated in their homes. Some truly conservative leaders voiced their support for these protests, such as President Donald Trump who tweeted in support of liberating Minnesota, Michigan, and Virginia from the restrictions. However, most politicians, including many Republicans, did not prioritize the rights of the people and did nothing in the face of numerous, egregious abuses of power. The U.S. was not the only nation which saw opposition to COVID legislation early on. In Germany, thousands gathered in Berlin, Stuttgart, and other cities in the months following the start of the first lockdown.

After that initial shutdown, our leaders promised us a way out: a vaccine. They claimed that if enough of us got the jab and kept our masks on in the meantime, we would reach a level of herd immunity acceptable for the repealing of COVID-related restrictions. Two years in, their promise has proven false, and their efforts at vaccination have become more and more militant. The initial call for vaccination turned into a call for boosting and potentially perpetual doses, as is the case with Israel.7

At the end of 2021, some countries in Europe reimposed harsh restrictions on the unvaccinated despite relatively high vaccination rates overall.8 Some nations even reinstituted restrictions for businesses and public spaces regardless of vaccination status. For all civilians, especially the unvaccinated, the ability to accomplish necessary tasks in day-to-day life was again threatened. As a result of these recently enacted restrictions, the West is in revolt. From Europe, to Oceania, and here in North America, populist action has taken hold. Some governments have already backed down from their aggressive positions in light of these movements.

In recent days, the populist nature of mandate opposition has been made abundantly clear. A “World Wide Rally For Freedom” took place on January 22nd and 23rd, where many activist groups took to the streets across the globe in protest of COVID restrictions and vaccines. In European cities across the UK, Sweden, Finland, Ireland, and many more countries, tens of thousands of demonstrators marched to government buildings demanding their freedoms from the new, tyrannical measures put into place in response to the Omicron variant. In Belgium, 50,000 people from across Europe gathered in Brussels. Some threw projectiles at a European Union building, and confrontation with police followed. Tear gas and water cannons were used on the demonstrators, and twelve required medical treatment.9

In the U.S., similar demonstrations took place. A “Defeat the Mandates” protest brought thousands to Washington D.C. to oppose vaccine mandates threatening daily life in the country. Notable speakers included Dr. Robert Malone, a researcher who contributed to the creation of mRNA vaccines and has since been kicked off of Twitter, and Robert F. Kennedy Jr., a major figure in the anti-vaccine mandate movement. In recent weeks, the impact of some of these protests has been demonstrated as some governments have loosened restrictions in their wake. Boris Johnson recently announced that the UK would be lifting mask mandates and ending the use of vaccine passports,10 and Denmark’s Prime Minister promised nearly a total return to normal.11 Both of these countries have seen widespread dissatisfaction and protest among their people, such as demonstrations in Copenhagen earlier this month. Although politicians do not make a habit of relinquishing power they have taken, if enough people speak out, they have no choice. The global rally for freedom also set another major demonstration into motion: a convoy of truckers in Canada who have had enough of government overreach.

The 2022 Freedom Convoy of Canadian truckers was initially spurred by a January 15th mandate for all land border crossers to provide information including proof of vaccination when crossing.12 The convoy was made up of at least 50,000 vehicles, including 18-wheelers, pickups, and many others. Some have even said that the convoy was the longest of its kind to ever form. The Freedom Convoy movement received a massive amount of support from people around the world. A GoFundMe13 set up by the secretary of the Western Canada-oriented Maverick party in support of the convoy raised over $10 million CAD to provide critical supplies for participating truckers, although those funds were seized by the service on Friday the 4th. Participants across Canada, as well as additional supporters from the United States, converged on Ottawa over the 28th and 29th of January. As the convoy expanded, it grew to encompass opposition to all mandates and COVID restrictions. The concept of using trucker convoys as a demonstration tool has quickly caught on in other countries. A Telegram channel14 set up for an Ottawa-to-DC convoy has amassed over 33,000 members, and communication networks for other convoys have grown as well.

As the convoy trucks entered Ottawa, thousands of civilians packed the streets, many flying patriotic flags or carrying signs protesting COVID restrictions. The turnout in the capital city completely disproved Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s claim that the movement only consisted of members of a “small fringe minority” with “unacceptable views.” Men, women, and even children participated in speaking events near Parliament Hill, addressing the crowds with their grievances against the Prime Minister and his government. Trudeau was nowhere to be seen during the demonstrations, reportedly having been moved to an undisclosed location according to the CBC.15 While Canada’s Public Safety Minister claimed that there have been signs of “flagrant extremism” at the protest,16 participants remained peaceful and focused on the goal they went to Ottawa to achieve. The truckers remained committed even into the following week. Many trucks stayed parked in the city streets after the weekend, and the sounds of horns blaring carried on each night as convoy participants occupied the streets and cooked their own food.

Truckers were fighting the good fight outside of Ottawa, too. At the Montana-Alberta border crossing near the village of Coutts, a blockade several miles long formed,17 which eventually prompted the intervention of Canadian law enforcement. According to Rebel News, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police retreated from the blockade, however further action by law enforcement to remove the truckers is expected.18

The Canadian regime responded to the city-wide occupation in Ottawa as any establishmentarian government would. In an address from his home, Prime Minister Trudeau disparaged19 the protestors as people who “fly racist flags,” “engage in vandalism,” and “dishonor the memory of [Canada’s] veterans.” His total character assassination of the participants only serves as a way to deflect from the fact that Canada is, indeed, in revolt. The “small fringe minority” is by no means any one of those words, and its “unacceptable views” are wholly supported by the public. While the end is not yet here for mandates across Canada, there are already changes taking shape on the political scene. This past Wednesday, Erin O’Toole was ousted as Conservative party leader, having lacked consistency on Conservative positions since his tenure as leader began. While the party is still clearly in the establishment compared to more populist ones such as the People’s Party of Canada, the growing dissatisfaction with ineffective leadership is promising.

The Impact of Lockdowns

So, aside from their disregard for our rights, what exactly are the effects of these lockdowns? While they are said to be cautionary measures for public health, there is no question that they do far more harm than good. Lockdowns increase rates of depression, disrupt children’s education and development, and even prevent people from getting serious illnesses diagnosed. They also have incredibly detrimental effects on the economies not only of nations where they are implemented, but the entire world. The percentage of adults reporting mental health issues in America has shown a marked increase from 2019. According to CDC data, 41% of adults reported symptoms of anxiety or depression in January 2021,20 up from only 11% 2 years before.21 As for children, the pandemic has caused many schools to implement policies of remote learning. UNICEF data has found that at least 463 million students have gone without access to remote learning globally, and those who have it are provided substantially less adequate education.22

Even the World Health Organization admits the severe drawbacks to lockdowns and does not recommend them as a primary way of preventing the virus. Dr. David Nabarro, Special Envoy on COVID-19 for the WHO, urged world leaders to stop using lockdowns as the “primary control method.” He also warned that the economic effects of the pandemic could include “a doubling of world poverty” and “at least a doubling of child malnutrition” by next year.23 The economy is not an intangible number, and when it fails, it seriously affects the lives and wellbeing of many people. Healthcare and screenings for certain illnesses such as cancer have also been severely limited by lockdowns. Breast cancer screening fell by 87% in 2020, and other cancers have also seen significant reduction in diagnoses.24 Lockdowns are extremely harmful to those living through them, and have widespread implications for future generations.

The Goal of the Ruling Class

It’s no secret that all of the aforementioned developments caused by these restrictions are destructive. The most important realization to come from these past two years, though, is that this was an outcome desired by our ruling class. Because we carry the true mantle of the West, they desire our demoralization, decline, and eventual extinction. Our elite envision a world built on the civilizational success of Christendom but antithetical to its very existence. In their world, all people would be oppressed by both the restrictions of the regime and their own immorality. Many vices have already made their way to the forefront of the modern West: pornography, acceptance of sexual deviancy, and the rapid deterioration of community and family values are just a few examples of many. In order to accelerate the West’s decline, the neoliberal order is using all facets of its power to encourage our atomization. As intended by the elite, the effects of COVID lockdowns and other mandates play directly to these ends.

The demand of world governments at the forefront of their power grab is for unquestioning compliance. They claim that this call is well-founded and necessary for the health of the general public, but in reality it only serves to break any current and future resistance to their social goals. If the population accepts this condition, all aspects of our lives will be subject to oversight and management by the regime and its accomplices across major institutions. Establishing population control over the youth is most important for lasting success, so the Left’s disruption of our education system and its integration of technology into the lives of our children makes perfect sense. The pandemic took the abuse and indoctrination of Western youth to a new level. Mask and social distancing requirements in schools have isolated students and harmed their emotional development, which is especially the case for young children. For adults, both work and leisure have been impacted by these antisocial and uneconomical policies. The stress from all of this on working families impacts home life in its entirety, weakening the core unit of Western civilization.

The past couple of years have also negatively affected our society by necessitating a massive increase of technology present in our everyday lives. During work and school, many of us are obliged to join Zoom meets for hours upon hours every day. Amazon, Meta, and other large technology companies have amassed economic importance unlike anything they had before. As people have become so much more reliant on these entities to provide them with services that are essential within this technocratic world, their cultural influence and capacity to govern our lives has increased tremendously. These developments all contribute to the concentration of strength in the hands of the transnational elite which dominates the government, the “free” market, and almost all other institutions of power. Liberal society is not an open society as our leaders would have us think, but rather an actively ideological one that seeks to champion its globalist aims wherever it has a foothold. It’s time for conservatives to wake up and realize this truth. The only way a truly free society can exist is when it is made up of “a moral and religious people,” as said by John Adams and known by all of our Founding Fathers.

How to Fight Back

Given the destructive effects and sinister motivation behind these COVID-related policies, what exactly can individuals do to combat these infringements on our rights and interruptions of our lives? As we have seen with protestors marching to their nation’s capitals and Canadian truckers risking everything to stay on the streets and demand their lives back, individuals can make a difference and impact policy. Of course, not everyone can be expected to readily forfeit their employment and livelihood for the cause, so how can the average person fight back? For one, speaking out in favor of and supporting people who stand by their ideals and do not comply with their employers and governments goes a long way. It is also important to get involved with local politics as well as at both the state and national levels to ensure that those in power truly have the people’s interests at heart and are not looking only to increase their own power. Finding and supporting organizations who promote populist, conservative values, such as the American Populist Union, is also a great way to improve society and further the movement.

If we, the people, do not reject the infringement of our rights and destruction of our society due to this endless “pandemic,” it will never end. If allowed, the liberal establishment will continue taking more and more, and future generations will be all too eager to let them. It is because of the brave demonstrators, from the Canadian truckers who have been dismissed as a “fringe minority,” to the Belgian protesters clashing with police, that we have a fighting chance. Our rights are not given by government; they are only recognized. And when they are not, it is our duty as a society to do something about it. We all have a part to play in reclaiming our lives and restoring our once flourishing society.

Written by the Editorial Board of The National Populist. Founded in 2021, The National Populist covers breaking political & cultural news relevant to the right-wing populist "America First" movement in the United States.


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