Endorsement of Mike Crispi for New Jersey’s 4th Congressional District

Mike Crispi has been a proud supporter of America First values during his talk show career, and we believe he will carry those values into the halls of Congress. Mike has made it clear that he will never cave to the left or be an apologist for Kevin McCarthy and the Republican establishment. Mike’s fiery, flamethrowing personality is not just fitting for RSBN or the culture of New Jersey – it is exactly the style of courage needed to stand up to neoconservative careerists in Congress.

Unlike other Republicans, Mike Crispi understands that the sustainability of American freedom lies with strong churches and families. He is prepared to fight for the restoration of Christian morality in America. He is ready and willing to wield state power to protect conservative values, whether that’s against Big Tech, Corporate America, academia, or the national security state.

Contrast Mike’s platform with the record of his opponent. As noted by President Trump, incumbent Chris Smith is past due for a primary challenge. Smith is just one of 13 Republicans who voted for Joe Biden’s disastrous infrastructure bill. He voted to certify the 2020 Election, repeatedly opposed President Trump’s legislative priorities, and is ranked by the Lugar Center as one of the most Democrat-friendly Republicans in Congress.

Smith considers himself a “conservative moderate,” but America does not need more moderates. America needs conservatives.

The divide in this race couldn’t be clearer.

The American Populist Union is proud to endorse Mike Crispi for New Jersey’s 4th District, and we look forward to watching him end Smith’s lackluster 40-year career and be a warrior for America First values in Congress.


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