EVENT RECAP: Vince Dao Speaks on Faith at Emory University

"During the Good Friday meeting of Emory College Republicans, APU Chairman Vince Dao defended America's Christian heritage and stressed the need for conservatives to protect it."


(ATLANTA, GA) - APU Chairman Vince Dao was invited to speak for the College Republicans Chapter at Emory University last Friday. The speech was met with dozens of supporters and curious onlookers from both the Emory student body and the general public.

In honor of Good Friday, Dao delivered a faith-based speech regarding the legacy of Christianity in America. Dao proclaimed that "America was built as a Christian nation," arguing that Americans are a historically Christian people whose culture, heritage, and politics were built on Christian foundations.

"[Separation of Church and State] never says that Christians can’t be involved in politics or that religious motives cannot impact public policy ... at the time of America’s founding, Christian motives absolutely impacted public policy," said Chairman Dao.

Dao further argued that America's religious foundations cannot be ignored or abandoned -- regardless of whether or not one is individually Christian.

"Faith forms the entire philosophy and moral bedrock of a civilization. When you erase the faith that built a civilization, the civilization itself will collapse," Dao warned in regards to the increasing secularization of America.

Dao argued that America's modern push towards secularism was not by accident, but by design. He stated that "in order to reshape America, [the left] would first have to de-Christianize America." Dao noted the removal of prayer from public institutions, cultural purges of Christianity, and the increasing promotion of atheism as examples.

Pinning America's moral decay and leftward push on the decline of Christianity, the Chairman argued that it is the duty of conservatives to be ardent defenders of the Christian faith and its role in American society. "There cannot be a conservative revival in America without a Christian revival," Dao proclaimed. He called on conservatives to not just seek a numerical increase in Christians, but further to "restore Christianity’s cultural and political influence on American life."

"If the left seeks to tear down the foundations of American civilization, then it’s incumbent for conservatives to conserve the foundations of our civilization ... without the foundation of Christianity, you don’t have conservatism," concluded Chairman Dao.

You can watch the full video recording of Dao's speech here:

Dao will close out the month with a speech regarding the rise of Donald Trump and "America First" at the University of Mount Union in northeastern Ohio on April 26. Those interested in hosting Vince Dao or other APU members for campus speeches can direct inquiries to dao@populistunion.com.