EVENT RECAP: Constitutional Carry Rally in Tallahassee, Florida

"Various figures and groups converged with the American Populist Union to rally in support of Constitutional Carry in Florida on Wednesday."


(TALLAHASSEE, FL) - Various figures and organizations converged with the American Populist Union to rally for Constitutional Carry at the Florida State Capitol on Wednesday.

The rally came after Governor Ron DeSantis expressed his support for Constitutional Carry -- a policy proposal that the Florida State Legislature has repeatedly stifled over the years. Organizers of the rally aimed to voice public support for such a policy to Florida legislators.

Representing the American Populist Union was APU Chairman Vince Dao, who stated that he was simply "tired of the excuses" from Florida politicians.

"This has been the story with the Florida State Legislature. They try not to pass what [Governor DeSantis] wants to pass ... [or] they'll water it down. It is time to demand better from this supposedly [conservative] state legislature," proclaimed Dao in his speech.

Dao further argued that the patience of conservative voters with such policymakers was wearing thin. "These people need to watch out," warned Dao, arguing that more voters "are watching" than they think. The Chairman further argued that Florida is no longer "a swing state" and that any alleged need for moderate conservatism was over.

"This is a conservative state now, so it really is time to demand conservative politics, conservative policy, and conservative politicians out of this red state," Dao proclaimed in closing.

APU Chairman Vince Dao rallies support for Constitutional Carry on the steps of the Florida State Capitol.


A full video of his speech can be viewed here:

Headlining the rally was Florida State Representative and Congressional Candidate Anthony Sabatini, who also spoke at APU's 2021 American Populist Summit. Sabatini was the first Florida legislator to introduce a Constitutional Carry bill and has been a vocal firebrand against the Florida political establishment.

"It's Republicans killing the bill ... [but] grassroots patriots have created so much pressure that they're ready to cave," said Rep. Sabatini to open his speech.

Sabatini would further rail on Florida House Speaker Chris Sprowls, accusing him of blocking the bill and being a "mega RINO." Sabatini urged Floridians to continue to bring publicity to the cause, which would increase the political pressure for legislators to finally file and pass such a bill.

"They're working against you. But the only way they're going to work for you is when they fear you and the voters more than they fear the leadership of the party," said Sabatini. "If they're silent, they're working against you. Remember that," added the Representative.

Representative Sabatini passionately addresses the crowd.


Other speakers included state candidates Jenna Hague and Drake Wuertz, as well as representatives from Gun Owners of America, Free Florida, and America Project.

"It was great rallying in solidarity with different sects of the movement for the same cause. We're all collectively tired of this nonsense," said Vince Dao after the rally.