Updated: Mar 5

Greg Abbott managed to secure his nomination for the Republican party as primary challengers fell 15 points short of forcing a runoff.

Last night was a loss for National Conservatism in Texas. The ardently more populist, national conservative figures like Don Huffines, Allen West, and Chad Prather underperformed many of their polls. We also saw Dan Crenshaw-backed candidate Morgan Luttrell win in the seat of retiring Representative Kevin Brady. And Ken Paxton - one of the best Attorney Generals in the country - is forced into a runoff against one of the last members of the Bush dynasty, George Prescott Bush.

We only had a small victory as Van Taylor is going into a runoff against Keith Self. Despite the American Populist Union endorsing Suzanne Harp in the 3rd Congressional District, Keith Self is solid on border security, Big Tech, and cultural issues facing America. Van Taylor received strong primary opponents after voting for the January 6th Commission. To add to the opposition, he is receiving, it has now come out that he had an affair with “an ISIS bride.”

Why did it happen?

Despite all of the ire he has received from the Trump base, Dan Crenshaw, one of the country's most establishment politicians, pulled in over eleven million dollars during 2021. He owes these numbers to large, repeated donations from gas and chemical corporations, hedge funds, and corporate donors.

Unfortunately, Crenshaw’s chief opponent, Jameson Ellis, entered the race too late and never had a genuine chance at unseating one of the Texas establishment’s heaviest hitters.

Crenshaw currently sits at just under 75% of the vote, slightly higher than the last time he faced a competitive primary when he first sought office in 2018. If we want the chance to unseat titans like Crenshaw, we need to attract donors en masse to have any hope of matching the pocketbooks of the handlers who bankroll them.

The Environment in Texas is not National Conservative friendly.

Populists, National Conservatives, Reactionaries, whatever you call yourself; if you’re reading this, most likely your ideology does not align with the current environment in Texas.

The Midwest and New England have had their manufacturing and employment base gutted. On the other hand, once a bastion of ranches and agriculture, Texas has become a new hub for manufacturing.

As writer Collin Pruett pointed out last night in our YouTube interview, Texas is not an industrial policy, National Conservative friendly state.

There are cultural issues, like CRT and abortion, which Don Huffines appealed to, but so did Greg Abbott. The border is another National Conservative issue that both Greg Abbott and Don Huffines used while appealing to voters.

The National Conservative candidates will have to separate themselves further from establishment candidates in the future, which leads us to our next pitfall of the insurgent candidates.

A Strong Base for Abbott

Greg Abbott is an established candidate; he ran with the Trump Endorsement a strong base in the establishment and local political chapters.

On the other hand, his opponents were insurgent, grassroots, and fresh faces in politics. But unfortunately, their name, ID, and enthusiasm were not where they needed to be.

Given what appears to be the high turnout of low information voters who voted for Abbott, the general interest in politics during our partisan times gave Abbott another edge over his opponents.

The New Strategy

In the future, the new strategy will require us to pressure Abbott; what we see by observing the last six months of the Gubernatorial race is that Greg Abbott responds to pressure.

He’s taken some action, some for show, and some for real. But if we use this leverage (an insurgent base and a clear mandate that many in Texas Republican politics are unhappy) can be used to push him further right.


The Texas elections were not a great showing for the Populist Right; due to funding, name I.D, an uphill battle, and various other factors, we lost.

There’s no getting around it; it’s time to refocus and prepare for the next fight. This hiccup is just a hiccup. 2022 will continue to be an excellent year for the New Right.