"Like all politicians, it is in Greg Abbott’s interests to make everyone happy. He placates those obstinate Trump supporters with his rhetoric and legislative accomplishments, but he never rocks the boat by enforcing them."



Greg Abbott is America's second-best governor. When the competition for #1 is Ron DeSantis, that’s nothing to scoff at, but when the rest of the competition is a field of Asa Hutchisons and Kristi Noems, suddenly it's less impressive.

My Republican friends in Austin and Washington DC don’t understand why I’m not content with Abbott. In fact, they don’t understand why I’m not elated to have such a conservative powerhouse at the helm.

Not only has he kept up with DeSantis’s opposition of COVID tyranny, they say, but he has made unprecedented progress in the fight against so-called ‘wokeness.’

The list of Abbott’s supposed accomplishments is long, but his two greatest are the signing of a bill banning CRT in public schools, and an order directing the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services to investigate and treat cases of childhood transitioning as child abuse.

That sounds great.

But the history of Greg Abbott’s DFPS should make any honest conservative question his commitment to the fight against Leftist immorality.

Last year, Abbott signed a bill banning the teaching of Critical Race Theory in public schools. The wording of the bill makes it difficult to enforce, and some argue that compromises with Democrats make the bill effectively useless. His supporters might argue that he can’t write the bill, he can only sign it.

So, let’s instead examine an area where the governor has total control, namely the executive branch of the government. If Abbott was dedicated to eradicating Marxist, anti-white CRT, then surely that would be reflected in the staffing of his state agencies.

Last November, with the help of a whistleblower, the Don Huffines campaign revealed that Texas DFPS mandated CRT training as a condition of employment. Employees were required to list the ways that they will work to increase their consciousness of racial oppression.

The course was cancelled due to public outcry with no statement or acknowledgement from Greg Abbott himself.

But CRT training wasn’t the worst thing going on in Texas DFPS. It was revealed that the same agency’s website had a page listing resources for ‘LGBTQ youth.’ According to the Texas Tribune, the page ‘included information about LGBTQ legal services, and questions about defining gender and sexual identity.’

The webpage was removed, because of public pressure after Don Huffines drew attention to it. Once again, Greg Abbott refused to comment, and Debra Emerson, the employee that approved the sexually inappropriate content, has not been fired.

Now, Greg Abbott has ordered the Department of Family and Protective Services to treat youth ‘gender-transitioning’ as child abuse. Only four months ago, the same agency provided resources to children who were undergoing ‘gender transition.’

No one can honestly say they believe that employees like Debra Emerson will enforce Abbott’s order. Should we believe that Emerson is the only one that believes these things in DFPS? Who hired her? Who has she hired? The entire agency must be cleaned out. Republicans like Greg like to talk tough about the threat of Marxist infiltration, but they don’t actually seem to care. Like everything else this governor does, the order sounds great, but it will never work because it wasn’t designed to.

If you need another example, examine the situation at the border with Abbott’s Operation Lonestar. He brags an awful lot about securing the Texan border because Joe Biden won’t, but illegals arrested on his orders are more likely to remain in the United States than those arrested by federal agents. Troops involved have experienced devastating pay issues and severe suicide rates.

Like all politicians, it is in Greg Abbott’s interests to make everyone happy. He placates those obstinate Trump supporters with his rhetoric and legislative accomplishments, but he never rocks the boat by enforcing the legislation he claims to champion. For it, lobbyists love him.

This election is the first time that Abbott has faced a serious field of challengers in his political career, but he has refused to acknowledge or engage with any of them. He ignores them for the same reason he shouted Donald Trump’s name 27 times as grassroots conservatives booed him at a Trump rally. He will go to any lengths to avoid or drown out the concerns of conservative Texans.

At the very least, the election of Donald Trump taught us that we should expect more than ‘good enough’ from Republicans. The most valuable lesson of the Trump election, however, is that we will only get more than ‘good enough’ if we demand it.

Texans deserve better than Greg Abbott.

Jake Lloyd Colglazier is a Texan Nationalist, writer, and political activist
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