Our Official Statement Regarding the Media and its Many Liars


For Immediate Release

April 7, 2022

Slanderous liars at the Washington Post, Arizona Mirror, Business Insider, Rolling Stone, and others are giving our organization a great deal of free publicity — but their attacks are incredibly dishonest and stupid. In regards to our planned event in Tempe, Arizona on April 20, the media is suggesting that we purposefully slated this event on “Hitler’s birthday” to somehow honor Hitler, white nationalism, and neo-Nazism.

To be clear, the April 20 date was a logistical decision made based on venue availability — and nothing more. Venues tend to be easier to acquire on weeknights, and the location we planned happened to be most available on that date. Planners on our team were not even aware that April 20 (a day far more known for its connection to marijuana, frankly) was Hitler’s birthday. Hence, the accusation that we purposefully intended the April 20 date to somehow be a commemoration of “Hitler’s birthday” is ridiculous. We are not affiliated with “neo-Nazism” or “white nationalism.” We are authentic American conservatives who stand for faith, family, and tradition.

None of these articles cite a single piece of evidence that even suggests that our April 20 event has anything to do with what they claim, besides mere coincidence and speculation. Frankly, it doesn’t exist. The media is merely grasping at straws and trying to draw associations where they don’t exist for a simple reason — they have nothing of substance to say about us.

But why do they lie, call us ridiculous names, and slander us? They do so because they know our movement is effective and it is working. Conservatives across America — particularly young ones — are flocking to the national populist movement in droves. Real, grassroots conservatives overwhelmingly support the original movement of Donald Trump over the lies that neoconservatives have sold them for decades. They see our group as a vanguard of authentic conservatism.

If we are being slandered by the same outlets that slander Trump and his supporters, then we are doing something right. If the Jeff Bezos-owned Washington Post opposes us, then we must be on the right side of history.

As for the event itself, we have been in touch with Gosar’s team and we were told he withdrew due to scheduling conflicts. Warren Petersen also informed us he will not be in attendance. We will keep all attendees posted regarding all further changes to the speaker lineup, date, venue, or other details. All attendees should check their emails for updates.

— Vince Dao, Chairman of the American Populist Union