The GOP Won't Save America

A Realization

Several months ago, I had a revelation about the Republican Party. All it took was a random phone call from the Republican Party.

One day last summer, I received a phone call from an employee at the Republican National Committee (RNC). Normally, I wouldn’t answer a call like that; however, I decided to give the RNC employee a listen.

The RNC guy was telling me about how the Democrats are ruining the country and doing nothing to fix America’s border crisis. He then proceeded to ask me to donate money to the RNC.

As a college student, I was not in a position to donate money to the RNC (nor did I really want to). Still, that phone call made me question how effective the Republican Party is.

For starters, the Republican party has failed to fix the country’s porous border security for decades. What did the Republican party do about border security under the George HW Bush and George W Bush administrations? Nothing.

But now, we should just blame the Democrats—despite Republican incompetence. Well, at least that’s what the Republican party wants you to think.

The Republican party has caved on nearly every important position for the last fifty years: Immigration, gay marriage, trade, the “Forever Wars”, healthcare, government spending, etc. I could go on, but this post would become way too long.

It’s a tough pill to swallow, but the Republican Party—as it currently stands—won’t save America. Now, let’s discuss why that is the case.

Why Won’t the GOP Save America?

As a Gen-Z & America-First conservative, I see that much of the current Republican party does not serve the interest of its voter base—social conservatives, traditional Evangelical Christians, the American middle class, and fiscal conservatives. Why is that the case? Why does the GOP generally fail to enact policies that benefit the average American.?

Unfortunately, the Republican Party is controlled by special interests.

What are some of the interests controlling the GOP?

-Multinational corporations: Mega-corporations heavily fund the campaigns of many Republicans in the US House and Senate. Go check out the website Open Secrets to find just how much financial sway that large corporations have on Republican candidates. The Military Industrial Complex, Big Pharma, and Wall Street are just some of the top industries that have significant pull within Republican party.

-Mega Donors: Billionaires such as Paul Singer, the Koch Brothers, and Sheldon Adeleson (Adeleson passed away a year ago) have donated millions of dollars to the Republican Party. Let’s just say that the interests of these mega-donors do not align with the GOP’s voter base.

For example, Paul Signer is a hedge fund guy. He has made loads of money through the controversial practice of “vulture capitalism”. A few years ago , Tucker Carlson exposed how Paul Singer single-handedly destroyed a small-town in Nebraska through a “hostile takeover” of the town’s largest employer—Cabela’s. Moreover, Singer is an immense supporter of the LGBT movement/gay marriage. He even helped start the American Unity PAC—which encourages Republican candidates to support gay marriage.

Don’t get me started on the Koch Brothers. Charles and David Koch (David passed away in 2019) are uber-libertarians that support mass legal and illegal immigration into the United States. Back in 2018, they lobbied the GOP to support giving amnesty to 3 million DACA recipients.

Nothing says “I don’t care about the wages of native-born Americans” than flooding the American job market with millions of foreign workers.

Simply put, the top donors to the Republican party don’t have our best interests in mind.

The Solution

By this point, I hope you also recognize that the Republican Party won’t “Save America”. The Republican Party is way too controlled by special interests to initiate any real resistance to the American regime at this point in time.

What do we do then? Start a new political party?

No, starting a new political party does not appear to be a worthwhile endeavor. The American political system heavily favors the two current major political parties. So, that option does not appear viable in my opinion.

M answer is fairly simple. Take over the Republican Party.

Now, that answer may be straight-forward, but it’s going to take some work.

In order to take over the GOP, we first need to have America-First conservatives/populists running our state and local GOPs. For far too long, we have allowed establishment figures and RINOs to run our state/local GOPS. If we can get authentic conservatives running state/local Republican parties, then we can finally remake into a pro-nationalist/populist political party (rather than a corporatist party).

Similarly, we need to run America-First conservatives to run for public office. That’s where organizations like the American Populist Union comes into play. On this end, APU is doing a fantastic job in identifying authentic conservatives running in 2022.

Once we know which Republican candidates actually support an America-First agenda, then we must find out how we can support these candidates in their quest victory—whether that be through campaign donations, door knocking, or spreading the word about their campaigns. We must do our best to get our guys and gals elected to office.

If there’s anything that you gained from this post, then I hope you know that just voting for any Republican is not going to fix our country. Before we can restore our nation, we need to get the right Republicans into office—more specifically authentic conservatives who put the American people 1st!—and hold positions of power within the GOP.

I hope that this post shed some light on the topic, and I hope to have encouraged you to to get involved within the political realm. Take care, and God Bless America!


This post was written by the editor of the TIn Can Conservative blog. The Tin Can Conservative blog publishes weekly articles about American politics, culture, history, and faith.