EVENT RECAP: The Mainstream Media Tried to Cancel Our Event, We Did It Anyways

Updated: May 15

The American Populist Union is a non-profit dedicated to training and equipping conservative activists. In early April, we announced that we were hosting a social event featuring Congressman Paul Gosar, Arizona State Senator Warren Petersen, and the host of the YouTube show, Heck Off Commie John Doyle. The date set for April 20th, its intention was merely to provide a platform where activists could gather, network, and become acquainted.


In an attempt to cancel the event, Arizona Mirror writer Jerod MacDonald-Evoy published the article “Paul Gosar promoted appearing at a white nationalist social gathering on Hitler’s birthday, but his campaign says he isn’t.”

The article opened by using “white nationalist” to describe the American Populist Union. A hyperlink led to Ben Lorber’s 2021 article, which describes a “New Gen-Z Influencers Continue to Push White Nationalism for a Post-Trump Era.” In the article's thumbnail is our Vietnamese-American chairman, Vince Dao - not to mention that the APU’s Vice-President and Founder is an Indian-American.

If APU is a white nationalist organization, we missed the memo.

Nevertheless, the media used this poorly cited and poorly written article in the Arizona Mirror as an excuse for a lazy pile-on.

Althea Legaspi of Rolling Stone wrote, “Why Is Rep. Paul Gosar Listed as a ‘Special Guest’ at White Nationalist Event on Hitler’s Birthday?.” Claims made in the article are no more unimpressive than those made in Jerod’s “News story.”

Of course, since the American Populist Union is too non-white to be white supremacists, the only other accusation is the absurd idea that the event was hosted on April 20th, which happens to be Hitler's birthday. So naturally, it’s a celebration of Hitler, claimed the media. But, of course, this is another example of the mainstream media tilting at windmills. Our decision to host the event on the 20th was made from a logistics standpoint. Not as an attempt to celebrate one of the most evil men in history.

The Washington Post, which just made fools of themselves by doxxing and lying about the Libs of TikTok Twitter account, also joined in on the smear, calling us “Far-Right."

We released a Twitter thread and a Press Release. Yet, the damage was already done. Paul Gosar and State Senator Warren Peterson withdrew from their pledged attendance. The lying media, fabricating false associations, lying about our ideology, and committing libel, won.

Or so it appeared, we didn’t want to give up so easily. Already we had invited multiple public figures who planned on being in attendance, including Jerone Davis, who is running for Congress in Arizona’s 4th district, and Jack, Red Eagle Politics Francis, an online commentator. So, we asked them to speak. We also reached out to Christian Lamar, running in State House District 2. They agreed to speak; despite the lies from the media, they did not back down.

On April 20th, the event went off without a hitch. And there’s a lesson to be learned in this: any candidate, political consultant, or media personality who cowers under the scrutiny of a lying press is surrendering their God-given sovereignty, becoming a tool of the opposition.

Those who succumb to a campaign of lies are releasing control of their own body and their ability to speak the truth and becoming a servant to the Radical Left's whims which seek the destruction of this country.

John Doyle, Jack Francis, Christian Lamar, and Jeron Davis refused to cower, they chose freedom over fear, and for that, we are thankful.

The media intended to destroy this event and ruin our credibility. We love this country, and we will not be shamed or smeared into hiding. Instead, we will continue to train, educate, and equip the next generation of America First activists -- regardless of what the losers at the Washington Post think about it.


All Speeches from the event will be uploaded to the American Populist Union YouTube channel