What Neither Biden nor the Republican Establishment Told You at the State of the Union

(Washington, D.C.) – To briefly summarize the State of our Union, Joe Biden’s Presidency has been a disaster for ordinary Americans. Inflation makes it impossible for working people to fill up at the pump and put food on the table. School children are being muzzled and taught the evil doctrines of “LGBT” and anti-white racism. An invasion at the southern border threatens the sovereignty of the American people and their homeland.

Last night’s Republican response hit on some of these kitchen-table issues – yet many more angles were ignored. We felt that it was our duty to point out the dark realities of Biden’s America that remain untold. Further, we felt the duty to note how the conservative establishment is complicit in many of Biden’s failures.

Take the issue of political persecution against Trump supporters.

As we speak, right-wing dissidents are being hunted by the Biden administration. We know the names of notable victims like Owen Shroyer, Nick Fuentes, Tim Gionet, and Steve Bannon. But over 725 people have been arrested over the events of January 6th – 71 of whom have received criminal sentences, with many more awaiting theirs. Reports of human rights abuses against Jan. 6 political prisoners run rampant. Far more conservatives have faced the reality of targeted harassment by the regime – doorknocks, subpoenas, asset seizures, no-fly-lists, coordinated de-platforming, and the like.

Certainly, the persecution of conservatives is an undeniable consequence of Joe Biden’s administration. But the Republican Party refuses to talk about the issue – and in doing so, they are complicit in its existence. This is a common theme of not just Biden’s administration, but of the political system over recent decades – the GOP is consistently too inept to stop the works of the liberal political class.

Political persecution of conservatives is immoral, but the GOP refuses to speak against it. Medical mandates are draconian, but Republican governors seldom took action to ban them statewide. The border crisis is existentially threatening, but as noted by Tucker Carlson and Don Huffines, Republican states refuse to take matters into their own hands. Where Republican officeholders actually have the power to stand up to the Biden administration, they don’t.

As former Wyoming Republican Senator Alan Simpson fittingly used to remark, “we have two political parties in this country, the Stupid Party and the Evil Party. I belong to the Stupid Party.”

But perhaps the slogan needs to be updated. Being complicit in evil is evil. And the GOP is aware of the evil that they abet more often than not. There are not “evil and stupid” parties in Washington – instead, there is a uniparty and its semblance of controlled opposition. The political divide in America exists not between Republicans and Democrats but between the political class and American patriots.

And in this divide, the Republican establishment is just as part of the problem as Joe Biden.

For evidence, we need not look further than the apparent lack of national loyalty displayed by both parties at the State of the Union – where the neoliberal class weaponized the platform to push its cause in Ukraine.

America’s Congress was littered not with red, white, and blue but with the blue and yellow colors of the Ukrainian flag. Amidst numerous domestic crises – including an invasion at our border – countless Democrats chose to mock Americans by dawning that foreign flag on their outfits. Joe Biden followed suit, dedicating the entire opening segment of his address to the Ukrainian conflict.

The loyalties of our political class could not be made more transparent.

“Well, Ukraine’s State of the Union speech was informative. When’s ours?” wittingly noted Trump advisor Steve Cortes in response.

But it was not just Democrats who wore a foreign flag into America’s Capitol. The sight was likewise seen amongst Republicans, with House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy hanging a Ukranian flag from his suit pocket. Other House Republicans like Rep. Victoria Spartz copied the gesture, and Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds even flaunted a Ukrainian flag pin in the official Republican response to the State of the Union.

The obvious question arises: while this is expected of Democrats, how is this behavior acceptable for the party that is vocally America First, patriotic, and pro-America?

The problem is not just that Democrats have no loyalty to America, and that Republicans are well-intended but too “stupid” to stop them. The problem is that neither party has loyalty to America, and it shows when the leadership of both parties wears foreign flags into our State of the Union.

The problem is that our political class, represented in both the DNC and GOP, has equally sold out the American people for decades. Joe Biden’s presidency is an unmitigated disaster – but in many ways, its consequences are merely the product of the bipartisan generation of elites from which he came.

Our poor State of the Union is not merely an indictment of Biden, but of the establishment in both parties, our agencies, and our institutions. In order to fix the consequences of Biden’s presidency, we must be willing to eradicate the entire political establishment that manufactured his presidency in the first place.

On our side, we will get out of this mess not by electing more neoliberal Republicans, but by putting authentic conservatives into power (that will mean taking many current Republicans out of power). It will mean rejecting the conservative institutions that prop up the current GOP. It will take a full-scale, populist, America-First revolution within the Republican Party.

Only by a total transformation of the GOP into a conservative party will we ever hope to see the transformation of America into a conservative country. And it is only in a conservative country that we may ever truly rebuke the failures of neoliberalism highlighted by Biden’s presidency.

This then is the truly conservative response to the State of the Union. We look forward to the days when an American political party accurately represents us.