Our Mission

What is your opinion of the American Government today? Is it exploitative? Does it only work to enrich the political class? Does it siphon away your tax dollars to invest in policies you oppose or don't care about at all? Is it plainly too bureaucratic or ineffective to solve the country's problems?


If your sense of the American government has come to be that it is a den of unscrupulous, do-nothing, two-faced individuals, then you are not alone. Perhaps you've considered voting for small government policies.

Perhaps you've thought about abstaining from voting entirely. Maybe you even hope the system will just fall because any alternative seems better, but these are not solutions.


The only real solution is the replacement of the ineffective establishment with a new one which serves the interests of this country and its citizens first and foremost.  The American political establishment has abandoned its people, and the people must respond by abandoning this establishment in favor of one which promotes not merely the well-being of the people, but their prosperity within their own land.

The American Populist Union is dedicated to the promotion of national populism through education, activism, and the ultimate preparing of a new generation to play their part in the political battleground of our country.

We Believe in

America first

Christian values


family values



Law & Order

Business reform

education reform